Friday, August 17


Our parrot Bandit is very sick.
He was diagnosed w/ the Avian Bornavirus also known as the Macaw wasting disease.
There is no cure and its fatal, however with medication and a good diet you can prolong LIFE.
I go back and forth if the lack if quality of life is worth it.

Bandit has had many surgeries because along w/ the disease he has a colon that repeatedly prolapses.
It has cost us thousands!!!!! Im not exaggerating at all. 
after the last surgery I said, I can't do this again.
Look at him.
He was listless and sullen and in severe pain.
His quality of life was GONE!
I have to think about him, not about us missing him once he is gone.

The list of things Bandit cannot have is HUGE.
Everything he loves and loved was taken away.

Well after his last surgery, he had to have more hormone injections a few months later, I said, nothing is helping. Nothing is working. I am giving his things back! No more DONTS, Bandit is getting his DOS until the END. Its just a matter of time, how would you want to live your last days???

Well.... this has been going fine for awhile and then a few weeks ago I thought, he seems bored. He needs to go play outside. 
So every night now we have been putting him in a backyard tree and letting him chew and play and do what birds do before he gets his nightly medicine and goes to his sleep cage.

That tree time is changing him. Its fulfilling a void thats been missing in his life.

Parrots should not be in our homes, in cages. They need to be out in the wild being free.
Bandit was actually born/hatched in a pet store in Plano, Texas. 
But somewhere deep inside he knows something isn't right and its killing him.

Please do NOT support Parrot breeding. It's not right. It's not natural.


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