Saturday, August 18

Chris' BBQ

Chris had another summer BBQ!

This is why I love Longaberger,
look how pretty this is...
all packed up & ready to go! :-)

(large market, med market & 2 cake baskets)

What I made & brought:
(all new & first time recipes
I was in a baking mood.)

It was the first to be eaten,
I thought it was just okay.

(looks so awful but taste like pumpkin)
I had to disguise with cool whip otherwise
no one would have touched it. 
It was that gross looking.

Tasty but a bit on the dry side for me.

and veggie dogs, buns & chips 

Over all, all new recipes that I wont ever make again.
But its fun to try new recipes. :-)

This is Bentley, Chris' was petsitting it for his Boss.

Ray & Patti trying out the green pie - Ewww!
Kyle, Amber, Chris & Eric
My mom & Apple

Pics Amber took:
 Amber's collage of photos
Kyle & Apple

Pics Chris took:
 This guy "Eric" is sooooo much fun.
 These grilled zucchini slices were amazing!

Great ladies! Chris' neighbors & friends.

Could this have been the last BBQ of the season?
sniff sniff
I hope not.



  1. Ohhh geeez baskets of cakes and pies...kill me now!!!! I'm a BIG BIG coconut fan!! Anytime we go to a diner I get a slice of coconut custard pie! :)

    I can't even take how cute that pup is!! :)

    Love from Jersey!!

  2. I love all your precious pups. The desserts look delish and divine in the Longaberger baskets. You know I have a few too! LOL! and a few pups! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.
    ((hugs)) Rita