Monday, August 20

Counting Calories

I guess its time to talk about it publicly, I wanted to wait until I lost all my extra weight but every week I get messages on facebook asking me what I am doing and sweet Val was the most recent.

So here goes....

The day after Thanksgiving 2011 I started counting calories.
That's it. I didn't spend any money on a diet plan or a diet supplement or bought a gym membership or had any sort of surgery.

I have always been fat! ALWAYS! When I was little I looked like winnie the pooh. I am an apple and carry all my weight in my chest and stomach. Oh sure I thinned out a bit when I was a teenager from running around and dating, etc... but as soon as I got pregnant I ballooned right back up again.

I did the low carb & somersizing thing (for over 10 years.)
I was even vegan off and on twice.
My problem wasn't/isn't the diet, its the portions.
Plain and simple ---> I ate way to much of the wrong foods!

So I started counting calories and the extra weight just kind of melted off. I eat 1350 a day. Some may say, thats not enough, thats not healthy. Well... I didn't magically come up w/ the number. I googled a caloric calculator that asked me my height, weight, age and how much I exercised.
It will calculate how many calories a day you eat to maintain your current weight and if you want to lose weight you can minus up to 1,000 calories. But not more than that. It's very healthy.

I just had a complete physical and everything was normal in fact my doctor said my cholesterol was so good, it was perfect textbook good.

Before I ate foods like beans and avocados. They sound healthy don't they?
Well one can of vegetarian beans is 800 calories. 1 can of beans is 4 servings.
I would eat the whole can topped with a mashed up avocado for lunch.
One avocado is 300 calories. Total = 1100 calories
Now if you burn a lot of calories then thats a healthy lunch for you.
But I don't, and I have a very slow metabolism.

I actually feel like I eat more now, in fact I know I do.
I am always eating, I just eat differently. I eat foods that are of low calories.
And I always save calories for chocolate.
I am a choc-o-holic.
And I never deprive myself, ever!
If hubby is eating something wickedly sinful, I will have a bite. 1 bite.

Anyway.... this diet works for me and I know I will have to do this for life.
It's become addicting, writing down my calories.
As of 2 days ago, I have lost 57 pounds.
I have 33 pounds left to reach my ultimate goal.
I am in no hurry and don't stress about it... I will just keep counting my calories one day at a time. :-)



  1. You look fabulous girl! I'm so happy you found something that works for you. I really need to get my act together and start counting calories too....I have SO much weight to lose.

  2. Hey Jackie! It looks like counting calories is really working for you, which is great. :) It's pretty rare to find someone who can have a bit of chocolate or try a bite of something delicious without going overboard, so you are to be commended.

    Here's to the next 30 pounds!