Monday, August 27

Fall Decorating

I tried & tried & tried....
     to wait until after Labor day to Fall decorate...
           but I just couldn't resist once I packed up the summer/4th/americana decor.

So all I opened was one crate of fall/Thanksgiving stuff but kept the little pilgrims and turkeys packed away (besides I am going to give those away to my little buddy the Kauffman, I don't like having Turkeys around since we don't eat them anymore, I would rather have acorns and squirrels.) And I quickly figured out all my candy corn decorating items are in one of the numerous Halloween crates/boxes in the attic. :-/


1 comment:

  1. Too cute! I love decorating for fall! I make myself wait until the first of Sept, but then keep it all out until Thanksgiving. Enjoy fall decorating more than Christmas!