Thursday, August 23

Hmm.... the coffee club

I am very honest, almost to a fault.
If I like something, you will know it and if I don't well you will know that too.

Upon signing back up w/ Longaberger they now have a coffee club. Remember Gevalia? It reminded me of that. Fresh coffee coming to your door every month.
Anyway.... I was excited to try the coffee because if I liked it I would sign up for me plus promote it.
So when my kit came, it included 3 ready pre-measured bags of regular Arabica ground coffee to try or/and take to home shows to brew and share. Longaberger promoted that it was different because it was roasted in small batches and bagged in 1/2 lb bags to keep it fresh.

One problem:
I didn't have a regular coffee maker! :-O
When our kitchen-aid coffee maker passed away we jumped ship to the Keurig. Our first Keurig was a gift at Christmas one year from hubby's family to hubby, when they heard our coffee maker was dying and didn't have much longer to live. WE LOVED IT!!!! I bragged the Keurig all over town until within less than a year it died! Now 3 Keurig's later (this time we went with the Cuisinart brand and so far knock on wood.) Anyway.... all we have are K-cups!!! If we aren't at Starbucks we are at home living "la vida loca" with our K-cups coffee & teas. I was slightly puzzled that in this day & age Longaberger wouldn't have gone straight to K-cups.

Anywho.... so guess who bought a coffee maker today?
Meeeeeeeeee thats who!
An old fashioned Mr. Coffee on sale at Macy's for $23.99 :-D

So I couldn't wait to get home and try this Longaberger coffee!!!!




Is it just me?

I yell for hubby, "Taste this." As I pour him a cup.
He taste it, swirls it around. Goes all wine testing on it.
I said, "Well????"

Oh No! He said exactly what I was thinking.

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all." :-O

Maybe they can come out with some teas?


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