Friday, August 24

New Pizza Pan

A piece of new Longaberger Flameware, the Pizza Pan came in my kit.
I couldn't wait to begin using it!
For years now, a Pampered Chef Pizza Stone has been in my oven, used weekly by my husband. He is a pizza fanatic! His favorite is the frozen California Pizza Kitchen 5 cheese.
I have loved the Pampered Chef stones, however not being able to wash them with soapy water always freaked me out!

So insert the new Longaberger Flameware Pizza Pan that not only I can keep in my oven for pizzas, but we can put it on our outdoor grill to make grilled pizzas and it can be put on a stovetop burner to use as a griddle and I can wash it with soap and water or throw it in the dishwasher!!!! How cool is that????
So YES I was sooooo excited to begin using it.

You can order it in different colors, but the one in my kit was ebony aka black.
Nice color. Perfect for the grill. Also included in my kit was a package of Longaberger pizza crust mix.

But anyway.... first use.... we made 2 mini pizzas and one medium one out of the 1 pizza dough mix from Longaberger on the outdoor grill!
It was good!!!! Really good, and only took 7-10 minutes grilling time. We had never had pizza cooked on our grill before.

Second time using the pan we baked it in our oven and used a store bought pizza dough found next to cookies and pie crusts. You just unrolled it and you bake it. I found it a tad greasy (I am searching for a homemade low calorie one.) This time we made one big pizza.
It was really, really good. We did toppings of an italian cheese blend, vegan salami, artichoke hearts and black olives.

Third time (tonight) we used it on the stove top and made quesadillas. It was really nice to have that big pan as a griddle and we didn't use any oil. It heats a nice even consistent. We were saying to each other how nice it will be to make eggs and potatoes on it.

Long story short, We are loving this new Flameware Pizza Pan. We think you would love it too.


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