Wednesday, August 22

small fill it hurricane

My Longaberger kit arrived!!!
       And what I really, really, really LOVE it this candle holder...

Now mind you...
I have seen this for months.
In various flyers and catalogues and 
I just kind of shrugged my shoulders,
like whatever... "I need another candle
holder like I need another dog in the house!" :-O

So when I saw one was coming in my kit,
I was like, Eh Okay.

It is the coolest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My most favorite thing in the kit!!!!!!

This is what I did with mine:
Just for the time being.
I love cherries & checks,
so I added a few plastic cherries and some checked ribbon.

See the black under the candle?
That is a metal disk w/ a lip all the way around
and it just lifts out.
So its easy peasy for change up!

Oh man... imagine this fall with
acorns or leaves or my choice --> candy corn! :-)
Then with Christmas...
you could add:
little bells, ornaments or my choice --> Hershey Kisses!
See how it always ends up w/ food with me? LOL! :-D

Sooooo this is the SMALL size 
and you know I gotta get the medium one next.
Oh YES I do! :-D

If you want one too
here you go, click --> HERE
It is only $29!
And look how they show it as a vase without the disk.


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