Friday, August 24

Vegan recipes?

I was thinking for a new reader to my blog, it might seem weird on why some recipes are vegan and some are not. So let me explain. . .

Our adult daughter is a straight edge vegan who is also gluten free. She has been a straight edge vegan for about 5 years now and gluten free for the last several years. She currently manages a vegan gluten free bakery in Seattle. She is very into animal rights and volunteered for PETA for years before working for them briefly as a demo coordinator. Our daughter will spend her days off volunteering at local animal sanctuaries and she will take parts in protests ie fur. She is our little animal lover. :-)

Hubby and I are pescatarian (fish & shellfish eating vegetarians) for health reasons only. I did eat completely vegan for a year and a half several years ago and years before that for about a year. Hubby and I love to eat at vegan restaurants with our daughter and my mother. Our most favorite is the TeaPot in Bellevue, WA.

My mother is a vegetarian.

And the rest of our family are all meat eaters.

So thats why you will see a variety of vegan or vegetarian recipes.


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