Saturday, September 1

The 1st pumpkin pie of the season

~ Happy September 1st ~

I adore the autumn season.

So in honor of this day,
I made a pumpkin pie tonight.
I love to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast.
Icy cold w/ some hot tea or coffee.

But since I am obsessed with counting calories
these days, I wanted to cut some calories.

I always use the recipe on the side of the
Libby's can. It's the best! :-)

So this is the recipe & how I changed it slightly:

So instead of a regular can of evaporated milk
I used fat free. And instead of whole eggs,
I used egg whites.
I used the pillsbury refrigerated dough.
So total the pie is 1,852 calories
divided by 8 for 8 pieces
is 231.50 each piece.

Which is not bad for breakfast
for one of my favorite splurges.

Now I could have cut way back using
splenda or another sugar substitute,
but I just don't want to ingest the chemicals
if I don't have to. I prefer using organic sugar.


9/8/12 Update:
I made my 2nd pumpkin pie of the season
and I compared fat free evaporated milk
and 2% evaporated milk
and they have the same amount of calories!!!
So I used the 2% and it taste much richer. Mmm

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