Friday, November 2

Oprah's Favorite Things 2012

I miss the Oprah show... every day at 4pm. I didn't get to see it every day but I would DVR episodes that were of interest to me and my most favorite episode of the entire year was her favorite things episode! It was an event! I would laugh and smile and just crack up at the audience members. I don't know what was better... oohing and aahing over the fabulous things or the audience reactions.

And I would always order several things ever year. Yup. Every year! From UGGS to Macaroni & Cheese, etc....

Well we don't get to see the Oprah show anymore, we have her on the OWN channel, her network which I was really excited about but now I call it the rerun channel. It's always full of reruns, yawn. I did love when she had the Judds reality show and the O'neals reality show. The Shania Twain one was a snoozer. I also liked the show she had on miracles. It was fabulous. A believer and a skeptic investigated "miracles." What happened to those shows??? Bring them baaaaaack!!!

Anyway.... there is going to be a tv special on OWN this year of her favorite things on November 18th, but if you want to know what they are click HERE.

I am soooooo excited she picked the new Microsoft Surface. I too LOVE that new tablet!!!


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