Thursday, November 1

Post Halloween

I had 2 drinks to serve, Wormy Punch which I do every year which is lemon lime soda, pineapple juice, orange sherbet & rum and this year I added this:

I loved it so much
that I am going to make it at Thanksgiving! :-)

Chocolate Martini
1 shot each of:
Marshmallow Vodka
Chocolate Godiva Liquor
Whipping Cream
Add ice in a cocktail shaker, shake & serve.
I don't even want to know the calorie count. haha

We had pizza, spinach dip, taco dip, red velvet cheesecake, pumpkin bundt cake, spicy chocolate cupcakes, cheeseball, carmel corn, pumpkin cookies, witch fingers, decorated cookies & macaroons.
Patti brought stuff to make apple pie shots, which seemed to be a great hit with all who had them. :-)

That was Chris' cheeseball.
How fabulous is that???
And it tasted as good as it looked
made with butter, cream cheese, cheddar cheese & imitation bacon bits.

Reeses, Apple & Pickles


Me & "My Man"
Scarecrows, Owls & Pumpkins
was my theme this year,
I asked Ted to make me a huge scarecrow
and this is what he made for me. :-)

From top left to right:
Janet Jackson & her kids (hehe)
Spider Lady
Terrence & Philip merged into one
Princess Jazmine's grandmother
The dirty boys? IDK?
Day of the dead? IDK?

We had a great time!
Until next year.....


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  1. Great Halloween post, Jackie. Always looks like such fun at your house. Cute picture of you and Ted.