Wednesday, December 26

Christmas Evening Dinner

With my kids . . .

The menu
1 vegetarian & 1 gluten free vegan
caesar salad
lots of french bread
appetizer - bruschetta
dessert - red velvet cheesecake
& a gluten free vegan pumpkin
champagne w/ berries

(this was before they were baked
I made them on the 23rd
Top one is the gluten free vegan
bottom vegetarian)

After dinner we played
a movie game called SCENE-IT
on the xbox 360

It was a great night and I ate way too much!


Christmas Morning

For breakfast
it was red velvet waffles
(cheated and bought a mix from cost plus world market)
topped w/ whipped cream
berries & chocolate sauce
Ohhhh man! :-D
Sooooo good. I adore food! HAHA

Normally we have a big ol' country breakfast
w/ biscuits & gravy, etc...
but we were in a hurry!
We had to be at the aunts house by noon.

Whipped cream time! :-)

It's all about dogs.... 
The hubster sure spoiled me! :-D

Kusama Red polka dot zippy wallet!!!
Love, Love, Love


Christmas Eve

Party time at the in-laws!
Fun! Fun! Fun! 
And again...
I am pushing my new favorite
This time I topped w/ whipped 
cream & crushed candy canes.
They are a hit!
Everyone loved! :-)

Let the madness begin!

The younger nieces love the furby's we got them! :-)
Too fun!
I felt so spoiled!!!
Look at all my wonderful presents!!!


Grape Salad

I first had this at my sisters day after Thanksgiving dinner. It was a dinner where everyone brings a Thanksgiving leftover. How cute is that? Anyway... I ate GRAPE SALAD and my world changed for-ev-er. It is sooooooo good. I can't explain it. It's amazing and I am going to include it in holiday functions. I took it this year to hubbys familys house for Christmas eve. Everyone LOVED it! It's one of those dishes where you go back for seconds and thirds. 

Grape Salad

The recipe calls for 2 lbs each red and green grapes. 
I just bought a bag of each and used the whole thing. 
8 oz. sour cream
8 oz. cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

1 cup brown sugar
1 cup chopped pecans, 
I bought 2 pre measured 1/2 cup pkgs pecan bits in the baking aisle

Wash the grapes, set aside

Mix sour cream, cream cheese, white sugar & vanilla
by hand until well blended.

Stir grapes into mixture,
and put into your serving bowl.

Mix the brown sugar &pecans together

And sprinkle over the grape mixture,
pressing down slightly to cover.

Chill overnight or 24 hours before serving.
It's sooooo yummy!

And don't forget the little eyes that were watching you...
they want a holiday treat too....
They wanna lick the mixing bowl. LOL! :-)

Saturday, December 22

Christmas fun & shopping

Country Village in Bothel

Making Bourbon Balls for gifts

Early Christmas presents to each other
It's an UGG par-tay! :-D

Festive Nails

Cat toy presents

Peppermint Cheesecake
at Cheesecake Factory

I made the dogs
there own healthy
Christmas Cupcakes :-)


Friday, December 14

Looking at Christmas Lights

One of my most favorite Christmas things is going to look at Christmas lights, whether its driving around looking at houses, or looking at displays, etc.... I just adore it. The night is complete with a stop at Starbucks for a hot mocha for me, white mocha for Ted and whipped cream for Apple. :-)