Sunday, March 31

~ Easter ~

I adore Easter.....
      He has Risen, "He Has Risen Indeed!" :-D
                 ..... and my mom's Coconut cake is perfection! :-)

Me and Apple
pigging out on coconut cake.

Group Picture
From left to right, top to bottom
Andrew, Chris, Mom, Me, Ted
Amber, Stacey & Colleen
I love my family :-)

Kauffman made these...
He took rice krispies
while it was still warm
and stuffed inside plastic eggs,
then unmolded and dipped
in white chocolate.
Soooooo good!
Oh I forgot and in the very center
was a filling.
But I did tell him the chocolate sprinkles
look like mouse droppings. LOL!

Amber made vegan carrot cupcakes.
I love daughter's cupcakes. :-)

And a pecan pie?!?!
Kill me now! YUM!!!!

I asked them to pose
w/ the baskets I made them. 
Good Sports. LOL!!!

And the star of the day!
Mom's coconut cake!
Heaven, heaven on a plate.

Easter friends . . .


Easter Services & Baptisms

A beautiful sunny spring morning! :-)

OOTM (outfit of the morning)
Sweater & skirt from KOHLS

3 family members got Baptized at Church this morning!!!
2 nieces & a cousin.


Sunday, March 17

~ Happy St Patrick's Day ~

Patti had her wonderful
Irish dinner party last night! :-D

I brought the stuff to make these...

And we also drank these....
raspberry champagnes w/ vodka! Mmm

Chris made this...

I brought my yearly Grasshopper Boozy Pie

And my spinach dip

What I wore (OOTN) :-)

Looking forward to next year! :-D


Monday, March 4

Las Vegas Trip

ACDelco Summit... I asked to tag along because one of the nights festivities was seeing the Jersey Boys which was FANTASTIC!!!! I am so glad hubby let me come. It was a great weekend get away. I wish we could do this more often. I love Vegas.

Sadly... I think this is the closest I will ever get to the Eiffel Tower.

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan.

Best hotel bed we have ever slept in!

Hubby & both dressed in Royal blue & white. :-)

Friday night...

Oh ya... thats not creepy.
Inside of the closet in room.

Meetings kick off! WOOHOO!

OOTD for day 2 Meetings

See guy on left?
2012 Indy Winner Ryan Hunter-Reay
Sitting to the right of stage

OOTN evening of Day 2
Meetings, Dinner, then depart for the Jersey Boys

My favorite machine!!!

After The Jersey Boys we walked over to
Planet Hollywood to go to The Strip restaurant
to have the 24 layer chocolate cake!

Last day, day 3
before breakfast