Sunday, March 31

~ Easter ~

I adore Easter.....
      He has Risen, "He Has Risen Indeed!" :-D
                 ..... and my mom's Coconut cake is perfection! :-)

Me and Apple
pigging out on coconut cake.

Group Picture
From left to right, top to bottom
Andrew, Chris, Mom, Me, Ted
Amber, Stacey & Colleen
I love my family :-)

Kauffman made these...
He took rice krispies
while it was still warm
and stuffed inside plastic eggs,
then unmolded and dipped
in white chocolate.
Soooooo good!
Oh I forgot and in the very center
was a filling.
But I did tell him the chocolate sprinkles
look like mouse droppings. LOL!

Amber made vegan carrot cupcakes.
I love daughter's cupcakes. :-)

And a pecan pie?!?!
Kill me now! YUM!!!!

I asked them to pose
w/ the baskets I made them. 
Good Sports. LOL!!!

And the star of the day!
Mom's coconut cake!
Heaven, heaven on a plate.

Easter friends . . .


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  1. Wonderful pictures, Jackie. You never seem to age!