Wednesday, April 24

Any questions? :-)

Can you guess my favorite candy bar?
250 calories and keeps me full for hours,
sometimes I eat one instead of lunch.


Tuesday, April 23

When hubbys away I kill zombies :-)

Hubby had to go to Florida
for business.
Guess what I am doing?
Thats right...
marathon zombie killing

Game came out today,
and I jumped out of bed
and went to Game Stop.
Starbucks too of course. :-)


Monday, April 22

Happy Birthday Pepper Ann

Turkey meatloaf "cake"
frosted w/ plain cream cheese
and topped with turkey pepperoni

My dad's dog BooBoo
never attended a doggy birthday party before.
He thought it was pretty yummy! :-)


Saturday, April 20

Some addictions are a wonderful thing

I don't want a cure of my 
addiction to chocolate or Starbucks.

This Chocolate Chunk Cookie
is sooooooo good.


Tuesday, April 2

Happy Spring

Sooooo pretty.

My friend had this on her front porch.
A mossy handbag planter filled w/ pansies.

Love, Love, Love