Sunday, May 12

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

The day began with the most
wonderful church service.
The preschoolers sang 3 songs,
so adorable.

Then after a yummy reception
we went to Seattle
and met my daughter at
Bamboo Garden.
We love Bamboo Garden!
Pig out city!!!

Daughter's fortune is on top,
Hubby's second,
mine third.

I love cookie fortunes,
they are silly & cute
and make the best ending
to a great meal.

I just love Amber's pixie hair cut. :-)
She knows my sweet tooth,
she gave me 2 containers 
of Mighty-O donuts!
Wheeeeeeee :-)

Then ending the wonderful day
at Molly Moon Ice Cream
with my "son" the Kauffman.
He gave me the tiniest sizes of
a pair of jeans and a top.
I don't know if I can wear it,
but I will try.

I feel really blessed
that family can be formed in the hearts
instead of just by blood ties.

Thank you.

I adore my kids. :-)
We may not always get along
but thats pretty normal in families.
We might not always like each other
but we will always love each other
and be there.    Forever.


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