Thursday, May 9

iTunes top 25

Have you ever looked at the playlist in iTunes that shows your top 25 played?
I like to do it a few times a year and I am always shocked at the results. :-O

Heres mine on May 9th, 2013

  1. Nine in the afternoon  by  Panic at the Disco
  2. Like a G6  by  Far East Movement
  3. Pocketful of Sunshine  by  Natasha Bedingfiled
  4. That's Not My Name  by  The Ting Tings
  5. Happy Birthday  by  The Ting Tings
  6. Viva La Vida  by  Cold Play
  7. Only Girl in the world  by  Rihanna
  8. Wild Ones  by  Flo Rida
  9. Bright Lights  by  Cee lo Green
  10. Look it up  by  Ashton Shepherd
  11. Locked out of Heaven  by  Bruno Mars
  12. We're so Starving  by  Panic at the Disco
  13. Love Remains the Same  by  Gavin Rossdale
  14. Poker Face  by  Lady GaGa
  15. TMZ  by Weird Al
  16. Dream Weaver  by  Gary Wright
  17. Fix You  by  Javier Colon (the voice download)

Notice how it doesn't add up to 25?
The rest was all WHITE NOISE meditation!!!! :-O
I can't believe I have listened to white noise mediation so much to fall asleep that it made top 25 songs. Cray Cray! :-O

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