Saturday, June 15

I got re-baptized!!! :-)

My "son" the Kauffman made me this cake.
It was soooooo good.
We all went to Vinces for pizza afterwards
and then cake! :-)
It was pink on the inside and tasted like cherries.
He used a whole pound of butter in the frosting
so ya it was really good. haha :-D

Most of you know
how I grew up
then I went WILD in my teen years & early 20's
I have been praying & searching for a
church for a very long time.
We finally found one
and couldn't be happier.
Worshipping God with love & joy
is so much different than in fear.
And having your husband right beside you
praying, singing & worshipping
is a GIFT.
I feel so blessed & thankful.


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