Friday, July 19

Coffee Date w/ the Girls

Mom, Patti & Me = "the girls"

However since Starbucks changed the bakery items, I don't want to meet there anymore. Honestly the new desserts are terrible. TERRIBLE!

So next week we are going to try Panera. I have never eaten there but Patti said, "The food is wonderful." And I did try a scone Patti brought my mom from Panera after her surgery and it was good. Had this wonderful orange zest after taste.

Patti & I email every day, and mom and me talk every day, but the 3 of us don't get together as much as we should.

My new bag - the Noe
I think we can all guess the designer
without me saying it. HAHA :-D

"The stand-off"
I love this pic.
It looks really serious
but it wasn't. :-D

Me and Patti both showed up wearing 
pink tops & white pants, totally not planned! :-D


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