Tuesday, July 23

I turned 47!

47 years old!
Ack! How can I possibly be that old?!?!?!
And how can my mother have a 47 year old daughter? hehe

The day before my birthday,
I got together with my "kids" at our favorite vegan chinese restaurant. The Bamboo Garden in Seattle on Roy street, just a block over from Key Arena.

I love it! It's just deep fried junk food goodness covered with sticky syrup! It's like having dessert throughout the whole meal! Yum!
Hubby and I were in Church attire, because it was a Sunday and we met everyone afterwards.
The upper left photo is my daughter and her boyfriend.
And the bottom right photo is me & my step sister Stacey.

I won't detail my gifts, but I am truly blessed to have these people in my life. They are gift enough just being there.

On my Birthday day . . .
We spent the day at the movies and then SEES chocolates, at the mall shopping and then to one of my most favorite restaurants. . .
Rainforest Cafe! Yum!!!! We shared nachos and a fish & shrimp dish and were waaaaay to full for dessert.
It was a wonderful day! :-)


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