Friday, July 5

The day after . . .

Did you survive all the noise & ruckus late last night?
We barely did.
Fireworks are still legal where we live and it is THE worst and only reason we dislike our town.
Comforting and protecting our fur-babies is our only concern.
Everything else is just "stuff" and we can't take it with us when we die.

During the day however we had a wonderful time at our "sons" house. :-)
His friends, neighbors and co-workers are all so nice.
And really good cooks!
I ate one of the best tuna macaroni salad
and a simply divine sweet potato cheesecake that would rival any cheesecake factory cheesecake
and I really loved Kauffman's grandmas rhubarb cake. Yum!
Oooooooooh and there were these little cheesecake bites that were covered in cinnamon. Yummy!!!! The cinnamon made the cream cheese just pop with flavor.
I am hoping to get recipes. :-)

We took a load of desserts over to my moms afterwards whom is still recovering from her surgery.

Daddy w/ Apple
We really baby her, don't we? :-O

What I wore, my OOTD
"outfit of the day"
White capris, navy blue wedges, navy striped top, LV red Kusama Speedy 30, simple jewelry - star earings, red LV bangle, brighton stars bracelet, pearl bracelet.

 My beautiful daughter and Apple.


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  1. OMG the picture of your puppy in the mirror is sooo cute!!

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