Tuesday, August 13

A duck named Lucy

Saturday night around midnight. I opened the door for "last pee of the night." That's kind of like last call at a bar. Per usual, I left the door open and went to take my nightly pills.
Some dogs came in, some stayed out, they never all come in at the same time. So I went to the door to see who was still out and something caught my eye. And I looked down and there sat a duck!

A duck! Hunkered down next to the dogs outside water dish. And what was odd, not one dog noticed it? Obviously they are not that bright. I looked up and it was windy, really windy and warm out. But still a duck? We've lived her 13 years and never had a duck arrive. So I shut the door because the duck was starting to get upset. And I went to the other door that goes into the backyard and walked towards the duck. Well one of the dogs was still outside, Pickles. She saw the duck and ran at it. The duck scared, ran off the deck and fell like a thud off the other side. Im like, ohhhh nooooo. I got Pickles in the house and went to find a flashlight. I woke hubby and told him about the duck. So we both went outside with flashlight in hand. And there it was hiding in the ivy, and then it went and hid behind a planter box. I put some bread out by the water dish before I went to bed.

The next morning... before church, we went to see, was the duck still there? Yup! Same spot, hiding behind the planter box. We stayed outside with dogs to make sure they wouldn't hurt it or scare it. However.... the bread was gone, so was half the dogs water and poop all over the deck. Sooooo the duck was busy. I started referring to her as Lucy because for years daughter and I had always said, we wanted a duck and a chicken named Lucy & Ethel. (Be careful what you wish for.)

At church, a friend told us, don't give the duck bread. It's not good for it. Give it lettuce and veggies.
But before we went home we went to a feed store and asked them for help. They really weren't of any help but did tell us, ducks love slugs! And they sold us duck food.

Once home, we saw Lucy was still there. Why hadn't she flown off? So we set up a little make shift fenced area, set up a kiddie pool of water, veggies & duck food. We didn't want the dogs to hurt her.

Lucy in her new guest quarters.

She sat here for a long while, just staring at the pool.

Finally right before dusk, she got in!!!! YEAH!!!!

Around 11pm that night, she was still in the pool.

Then Monday comes.
She is still here.
Is her wings damaged?
Can she not fly?
I told hubby,
So he tried catching her
and we realized she can fly just fine
she just doesn't want to leave.

Tuesday comes around...
and now I am adamant! 
We tried to catch her together
and no luck.
So hubby started making phone calls
to vets, wild life organizations, etc..
and again, no luck!
We were on our own with this duck.

It was starting to set in.
I think we now have a duck!

I said desperately to hubby,
Let's try again.
(Hubby had 2 beers in him, I had a shot of coconut rum
in my Starbucks frappa, so we were relaxed & ready!)
I stood in one area with a blanket wide open.
Hubby walked towards me with a sheet wide open.
Lucy was forced to come towards me.
And VOILA she came right into my blanket.
I dropped the blanket.
Hubby scooped her up!!!!
We caught her!!!!

Off to the lake!

By the time we left
Lucy went over to some lily pads
and was eating bugs
and another duck about her size
came over and they ate bugs together.
She made a friend!

I swear I almost cried.


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