Sunday, August 11

How I maintain & still eat . . .

Monday thru Friday I still count calories (about 1350 a day), but on the weekends its P-AAAAA-R-T-Y time! :-D
It works for me, and maintains my weight loss.
I am sure I could stand to lose some more.
But I like where I am at. And just want to stay the same.

After church & a little shopping, we went to Stanfords.
They have happy hour all day on Sundays.
Look at this pig out session!!!
We ordered:
       Fish & Chips, 3 cheese mac & cheese topped with bread crumbs and loaded with garlic and a tower of onion rings. Have you ever seen such wide onion rings?!?!?!?! The best thing was the mac & cheese (normally it also comes w/ bacon, but we asked for no bacon.)

I practically floated out of the restaurant from the grease in my stomach.
But ohhhhh man it was worth it. YUM!!!!
I love my pig out weekends. ;-P


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