Monday, September 30

Aww... our little beggar

Oh that face!
That adorable smooshy face.

Apple is a mamma's girl
(she is next to me now)
but when the daddy has food she immediately
becomes his neck warmer.

How could you resist? :-)


Emma Bridgewater Halloween Mugs

~ Past & Present ~

(I am looking forward
to this because it will
match my pumpkin dishes)

Halloween Ghost
(my favorite)

Halloween Pumpkin

2010 & 2009
Polka Bats & Polka Pumpkins

But I am not entirely sure if this was 
for Halloween or just Autumn in general
because when I got my pumpkin dishes,
I am pretty sure the pumpkin face stencils
came out shortly after. Hmm
This design also came in plates: dinner & dessert size,
 french bowls & a teapot. 
(It's also one of my most favorites.)


If anyone else can fill in more info
that would be GREAT! :-D


Sunday, September 29

Boston Terrier Sweater from Kohls

My OOTD before Church
It's a very rainy & dark morning.
Perfect sweater weather.

Boston Terrier Sweater
Louis Vuitton
Ebene Speedy 30
w/ Jack & Lucie Charm


Saturday, September 28

Run, don't walk to TJMaxx Riiiight now!

Looky Looky Looky

I picked this up at TJMaxx this afternoon.
It also comes in white & silver
for $19.99

I love, love, love it!
It looks like I spent 30 minutes carving it. 

And it screams Susan Branch!!!
(all below pics are SB only!!!
 and when you click on 
these pics it will open her blog)
I love Susan Branch & don't want anyone 
to think I don't value & honor copyright.
These 2 pictures are HERS not mine! :-)
Click the pics to go to her blog entries.


Monday, September 23

It's official!

Dog Sweater Season has begun! 

The babies were practically frozen.
Well thats how the shivering 
little beings were acting,
so I remedied the situation. :-)


Sunday, September 22

~Happy 1st Day of Fall ~

Eeeeeeeeeee :-D

Our most favorite season!!!
Pumpkins and cinnamon, and sweaters, and soups
and decorations! Oh and Candy Corn!!!
Candy Corn is where it's at! :-D


Saturday, September 21

Best Tea Ever!

I originally saw this Tea on Instagram
so when I was at Target, I picked it up.

It comes in a tin and the tea bags are the
adorable sachet kind. Love that!
But the aroma, oh man!
As soon as you take the lid off
you are knocked away by the wonderful scent.
And the flavor...
its simply perfect.

I am going back and buying all they have.
I'm serious.
I want to stock up in case this is only seasonal.

(Pictured w/ my wonderful fall pumpkin Emma Bridgewater mug.
It's one of my favorites.)


Candy Corn Addiction... oh ya it's bad!

My name is Jackie
and I am addicted to Candy Corn.

When did Candy Corn get so tasty?
I remember when it was waxy and hard.
Now its creamy and soft.

I have been buying these size bags every week
since they have been available.
I'm thinking 4 weeks now.



P.S. I don't want a cure for my addiction.
P.S.S. The little chocolate end ones are the best! :-)

Thursday, September 19

Eeeeee it's almost fall!

Let the countdown begin!!!


(Jack and Lucie LV Charm, from 2006)


Trader Joe Berry Scone Mix

If you have a Trader Joe's Market near you
consider the Berry Scone mix.
All you do is add water & drop & bake.

They are really good, taste home made.
I am totally buying these again.

And hubby ate two.
Which is shocking!
He hardly ever gets seconds.


Sunday, September 15

The BEST bread pudding I ever had.

No Kidding, the very best!

It was full of berries & almonds.
It was slightly sweet
but taste like a wonderful hot cereal
and it was vegan!

I can't wait to eat it again!!!

Martin Luther King Way

They feature vegetarian & vegan cuisine


Saturday, September 14

Halloween decorations are IN at Target! WooHoo!!!

I love vintage replica
and Target always has a good selection for 
a fraction of the price of a cutesy gift store.


Thursday, September 12

WooHoo! Way to Go!

So Proud!
My baby girl graduated today!
She is now an Esthetician. 

Facials for life baby! :-D


Wednesday, September 11

~Candy Corn Season ~


See the brown end ones?
Um... it's chocolate.
My favorite.

C a n t
s t a y
a w a y


My most favorite handbag

~ The Eva Clutch ~
by Louis Vuitton

I never thought I could be a small bag person,
I like 'em  B-I-G
I carry a lot of junk/stuff/necessities around with me.
But I caved and got one, 
then another.

I am in L O V E w/ this small treasure of a bag. :-)

All I really need is a compact, lip gloss, 
ID, bank card, cash, phone & keys.

It can be worn 3 ways:
  • As a crossbody w/ long strap
  • Under the arm bag
  • Unclip one side of chain for a handheld clutch with wrist chain.

Going to a BBQ:

Going to Church:

Going to the Movies:

To an outdoor Wedding:

Running Errands:


Tuesday, September 10

Starbucks Fall Pastries

Here we go again...
I am really, really, really
trying to like the new pastries at Starbucks.

My friend and I decided to go 
check out the new fall ones.

Left - Apple Cake - No!
It has absolutely no flavor and is not even sweet.
Bottom Right - Pumpkin Danish - No!
It has a weird aftertaste and again not even sweet.
Top - Frosted sugar cookie - Yes
But a soft yes not a hard yes.
And even though they would not heat a frosted cookie
they put the bag with the other 
bagged desserts that were heated
so the cookie frosting got melty and kind of messy.

I don't know why Starbucks insists 
these are wonderful pastries.
I just don't get it.

And FYI the barista told me
like they have every holiday season.


Not okay.
Not okay one little bit.


Sunday, September 8

Krispy Kreme

All these years
and I never had a Krispy Kreme
until today!!! :-)

I am so into donuts right now it's c-r-a-z-y!

What a wonderful experience.
Clean shop.
Wonderful hot latte.
Super nice cashier, barista & server.

Will definitely be a repeat customer! :-)

Left - Apple Fritter - Good
Bottom Left - Pumpkin cheesecake - okay/good
Right - Pumpkin spice - BEST donut!
It was so moist and flavorful. Yum! Yum! YUM! :-)
Top Right - Pineapple Upside Down Cake - okay
It didn't taste like a donut, it tasted like cake.


Monday, September 2

Bad Neighbors . . .

. . . not in real life, I adore my neighbors :-)

The card game.
I enjoyed playing this game immensely!

Our daughter had us over for lunch
and afterwards we played Bad Neighbors.

It's fun and quick!

"You start with a family and send vampires, zombies, aliens or demons to wipe out the bad neighbors, which they are doing to you as well. You can resurrect or steal other family members."

I want to get my own deck.
To buy click ----> HERE


~ Happy Labor Day ~

Hubby has had a 4 day weekend
it has been wonderful 
and now we are capping off the
weekend by going over to our daughters for lunch.

(outfit of the day)
I don't know, I was feeling apples - haha :-)

We are taking dessert!!!
Our favorite Mighty-O Donuts! Yum!

Have a wonderful day! :-)


Sunday, September 1

Top Pot Donuts w/ Hubby

I love going out to eat with hubby.
Whether it's a meal or a snack
we split everything (except beverages.)
It's a great way to taste/try everything
but w/ half the calories.
I also like that we eat at the same pace.
We don't take a birds bite and talk for a half an hour.
We go to town! Then we talk. :-D

I am in a donut phase like you wouldn't believe!

My favorites are old fashioned & apple fritters
but believe it or not the best donut of the day 
was the top one.
It was a lemon filled
and I don't like filled donuts.
But oh man!
First off the powdered sugar explodes all over your face
and the lemon filling is perfect.
Not to tart, not to sweet.
It taste like a lemon bar.
Yum! Yum! YUM!!!!