Saturday, September 28

Run, don't walk to TJMaxx Riiiight now!

Looky Looky Looky

I picked this up at TJMaxx this afternoon.
It also comes in white & silver
for $19.99

I love, love, love it!
It looks like I spent 30 minutes carving it. 

And it screams Susan Branch!!!
(all below pics are SB only!!!
 and when you click on 
these pics it will open her blog)
I love Susan Branch & don't want anyone 
to think I don't value & honor copyright.
These 2 pictures are HERS not mine! :-)
Click the pics to go to her blog entries.



  1. OK, that's it. I'm driving to TJM tomorrow to look for it! It is so SB it hurts, lol!

    1. LOL! :-) Post a pic on instagram when you get it! My store only had the one in orange natural color otherwise I would have got several to group together in varying heights. Would look adorable on a fireplace hearth.