Tuesday, September 10

Starbucks Fall Pastries

Here we go again...
I am really, really, really
trying to like the new pastries at Starbucks.

My friend and I decided to go 
check out the new fall ones.

Left - Apple Cake - No!
It has absolutely no flavor and is not even sweet.
Bottom Right - Pumpkin Danish - No!
It has a weird aftertaste and again not even sweet.
Top - Frosted sugar cookie - Yes
But a soft yes not a hard yes.
And even though they would not heat a frosted cookie
they put the bag with the other 
bagged desserts that were heated
so the cookie frosting got melty and kind of messy.

I don't know why Starbucks insists 
these are wonderful pastries.
I just don't get it.

And FYI the barista told me
like they have every holiday season.


Not okay.
Not okay one little bit.


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