Sunday, September 1

Top Pot Donuts w/ Hubby

I love going out to eat with hubby.
Whether it's a meal or a snack
we split everything (except beverages.)
It's a great way to taste/try everything
but w/ half the calories.
I also like that we eat at the same pace.
We don't take a birds bite and talk for a half an hour.
We go to town! Then we talk. :-D

I am in a donut phase like you wouldn't believe!

My favorites are old fashioned & apple fritters
but believe it or not the best donut of the day 
was the top one.
It was a lemon filled
and I don't like filled donuts.
But oh man!
First off the powdered sugar explodes all over your face
and the lemon filling is perfect.
Not to tart, not to sweet.
It taste like a lemon bar.
Yum! Yum! YUM!!!!


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