Thursday, October 31

~ Happy Halloween ~

What a great surprise!
Happy Halloween to me!
I got a "new to me" bag!
The Lumineuse PM in Orient
It is buttery soft and soooo pretty
and perfect for this rainy area.
And as you can see...
no costume for me tonight.
I told hubby,
"I am scary enough just being me."
He said,
"You got that right." LOL :-D

My precious baby taking a little nap
so she can party hearty tonight!

Getting the cookies ready . . .

Apple isn't scared... she knows that's just her daddy.

"What big toofies you have."

Part 1 - Outside

Part 2 - Outside

My mom is soooo cute,
she came as a witch from
American Horror Story Coven.

Holidays to me
are about
good friends & good food. :-)

We are already thinking 
about next years party. ;-)


Wednesday, October 30

The day/night before . . .

"But I don't want to be a bumble bee."

I'm unwrapping all these carmels to make carmel apples and APPLE the boston terrier is up my leg per usual. She's moms little helper and I'm like, "No Apple, these carmels are for apples." And she's looking at me like, "YES I'm right here." LOL

We had some crushed oreos,
toffee bits & sprinkles
to dip them in to help them
from sticking on the wax paper.
I love doing this kind of stuff in the
kitchen w/ hubby. :-)

"No Lola!
That's not your candy
so stop growling at the other
dogs as they walk by."



If you wait until a few days before Halloween
they get really cheap per pound.

I decided to draw on mine.
Someone had posted some cute 
boston terrier slippers
on instagram w/ hearts in the eyes
so I saved it for some inspiration.
So out comes the trusty ol' marker
aka Sharpie
and TA-DA 
no fuss, no mess.
&&& mine can stay up all
the way to Thanksgiving. ;-)

Hubby on the other hand
made his normal free handed
face he does every year.
He cuts his from the bottom
and places in on a yard light.

& his pumpkin seeds roasted
really nicely.


Saturday, October 26

New Emma Christmas . . .

. . . Plates

So adorable. :-)


Friday, October 25

Halloween Gingerbread House

I always get extra gingerbread kits at Christmas time. Especially when they are marked down after the holidays. You can pick them up really cheap, for just a few bucks. All I want is the house pieces, I throw the frosting and candy away. And make my own frosting and buy fresh candy. Besides there is never enough frosting or candy in those kits. ANYWAY . . .

I made the frosting, a black, purple and orange... and daughter created this. :-D Yea she is in her 20's and I am in my 40's but we LOVE it and aren't we all just big kids? :-D

I sat and supervised and ate way too many building supplies. ;-) 
Okay, okay, I made the bloody peep heads on sticks (pretzel sticks.) haha

Apple, the assistant supervisor
but I think she was just hoping 
for treats being dropped on the floor.

The best part!
The spider!
It's really a gingerbread man
covered in black frosting.
Black licorice  cut in half make the legs.

Creepy little cabin entrance.
Dare to Enter?

My mom already called dibs to take
it home Halloween night after the party
to nibble on it. :-D


Wednesday, October 23

Earl Grey Tea Latte

A Starbucks grande Earl Grey Tea Latte is 180 calories.
It consists of tea, steamed milk and vanilla syrup.

A homemade vegan sugar free version 
is only 30 calories and taste great! :-D

8 oz. of water w/ steeped earl grey tea
8 oz. of HOT unsweetened vanilla almond milk
Sprinkling of cinnamon *optional
I'm a cinnamon girl ;-)
Stir it all up in a really big cup!

And that's it... yum!

I saw this pic on Instagram this morning
and I just cracked up!
Who ever made this THUMBS UP! :-D


Tuesday, October 22

Fav Scary Movie List

9 days until Halloween
it's time to pop the popcorn and watch
some scary movies :-)

My favorite Halloween list of Scary movies
(some aren't as scary, but favorites for the season)

(It's the music & Jamie Lee Curtis)
(When the chairs are stacked
on the table I freak every time!)
(Aww & sets the tone for the holiday season)
4. Scream
(The 1st one.)
(Hitchcock at his finest)
(I swear every time I watch it
I see something new & different)
(I know its more of a summer movie
but it's a fav-fav-favorite!)
(It's soooo funny)
(I know, I know it's not scary
but the music is sooooo good.)
10. The best for last!!!
(Come on! Best movie ever!
Abby someone
Abby Normal - haha)

Hubby's list:
1 & Only - The Evil Dead
He loves it!
I hate it and refuse to see it ever again!!!
Too scary for me :-( :-( :-(
I hate cellars, hate basements... just no! :-O

Apple & BooBoo's favorite scary movie is
:::insert drum roll:::
Because really who doesn't want to
bark at the screen?



Friday, October 18

My Friday . . .

My Friday morning . . .
       . . . consisted of Laundry, Vaccuming, Mopping, Laundry, A little scrapbooking, Puttering, Hot tea, Rosemary and Thyme on netflix, and hubby coming home early saying . . .
              "Get your stuff together, we're going to Seattle to get your dachshund mug and eat at St. Dames." To which I said, "Nooooooooo." But he didn't take no for answer. He said, "But I have it all planned out." How could I say no to that? (I adore him, I really do.) 

1st stop
Post Office
to mail bills,
where they had

2nd stop
They have a really nice
selection of Emma Bridgewater.

Aww my little {{{Reeses}}}
I miss her. :-(

3rd stop
Where our daughter met us at

I love sweets,
so while hubby and daughter 
ordered their meals
I said, what desserts do you have?
And after not hearing what I wanted
I said,
"Any bread pudding left from this morning?" :-D
And he said, "YES its rum raisin w/ almond."

It was even better than the blueberry almond
one I had last visit.
They have THE best I have ever tasted.
(I am not sure what bar-none
means but my dad always said it,
so I say it. It means like...
No Joke or
Serious as a heart attack)

This also looked good . . .
Bruschetta with Brie, Pear Chutney
and a Balsamic reduction
So I got that too... :-)

Hubby ordered an eggplant parmesan
and daughter ordered a beet & potato latke

I love this restaurant
but I am in it for the bread pudding. :-)

What a great TGIF! 

Thursday, October 17

Vasa Park Fall Craft Show

Vasa Park 
is my most favorite of craft shows
because a lot of holiday fairs
have become full of mostly import items.
And I want handmade.
Otherwise I can just go to Big Lots
or Michaels right?

Click ---> Here.

(not shown is the treats
I took over to my moms for her)

What I came home with:

Close up of the painted rock

Another craft show
is next month!!!
Same place!
It will be Christmas themed.


Saturday, October 12

Our fur-baby, Reeses

In October 2004, while going w/ our daughter to the doctors we saw puppies in the street. The doctor told us his neighbor had a lot of animals, animal control was always over there taking animals away and he and the other neighbors even got money together to spay and neuter her animals to help her out and she completely refused. He said the puppies were from a recent litter and eventually animal control will show up per usual. Anyway . . . when we left the doctors office we noticed each puppy looked completely different, the little dachshund puppy caught our eye. The mother dog was a Benji (Disney movie) looking dog. A younger girl was in the yard and we talked to her a bit about all the animals (there were animals everywhere) and we left. Well daughter was new at driving and she got lost because the whole time in the car she is going on and on about the puppies in the street and we should take the dachshund looking one. And I am like, "No!" So when we found ourselves back by the doctors because daughter got lost, I was like, "OKAY but only until we find it a good home." 

Ya right.... she never left. :-) 

The next day after bringing her home she started vomiting and this worm the size of 12 inches was on the floor! I gasped! I had never ever seen anything like it. It was white and disgusting! We rushed the pup to the vet to which he said and I quote, "I have never seen a puppy so full of worms!" She had every type of worm (except heartworms) inside of her. She got started on shots and de-wormed!

When she was spayed, she got an infection from the incision and swelled up and the stitches all got pulled out from the expansion of the infected skin. It was terrible. :-(

Then she got a skin disease. For several years she had to get bi-monthly cortisone shots. It got 80% under control when we put her on an organic dog food.

She was a wonderful dog. She minded extremely well. Would walk next to us not even needing a leash and wouldn't run off. We have fostered many dogs and the seniors like blind jody would be in the backyard and all I had to say to Reeses was, "Go get Jody." And she would. She could guide a dog back to the house. She was amazing. Always wagging her tail, happy to lick anyone that walked in the door. If you didn't like dogs, don't come to my house because Reeses would jump up next to visitors and lick them right in the face! And she could pick up on the non-dog lovers because thats who she would lick on the most! 

She died today. It was all very sudden. Yesterday morning I woke up to her coughing. Not a normal cough but a cough like trying to get something up. She coughed all day long. And her breathing seemed labored. Hubby took off work early and took her to the vet and they said, "Oh she's fine, its just an infection. Here is cough medicine and an antibiotic." Well as soon as she got home from the vet, she collapsed on the floor, went catatonic and lost her bowels. She was barely breathing. I was frantic! Hubby called the vet and they said, "It must be an allergic reaction to one of the medicines." So they put in an IV and gave her an antihistamine and something to get her heart rate up because it was very low. They said, "There was nothing more they could do" and sent hubby out the door to an animal hospital.

The animal hospital ran a lot of tests, xrays, etc... they said they didn't think it was an allergic reaction but just all coincidental. She had an enlarged heart and fluid around the heart. They would keep her overnight to watch her and we could pick her up the next morning.

This morning, I said, "Lets go get Reeses!" 
And hubby said, "Um.... the hospital called. They won't be releasing her and have sent for a cardiologist."
I am like, "WHAT??????"

Now.... lets take this back a bit. We have been through losing animals before. Vets that dangle the.... oh they will be fine carrot, milking you out of thousands of dollars and your animal dies anyway.

So I am RED HOT mad. I said to hubby, "I knew yesterday her cough sounded like the cough of fluid and we saw her almost die right in front of us and now a cardiologist? How HIGH are you going to let this go (meaning money) until you are told she isn't going to make it?!?!?!"

An hour later the hospital called again saying, the risk of heart surgery was a bad one and hubby said, "She needs to be put to sleep." And they said, "YOU made the right decision." 

Meanwhile.... our poor dog is scared, can't sleep and miserable all night at an animal hospital.

When we got to the hospital an hour after that, Reeses was up walking around and seemed completely fine (I thought.) I am like, "Why can't she come home?" But it was explained how fast she kept filling up with fluid and any excitement would cause a collapse like the one we witnessed the night before and if the other vet hadn't have given something to raise her heart rate she would have died within 30 minutes of the collapse the night before.

Hubby, daughter and I petted on her, loved on her, talked to her and was with her until she passed over. This is hard. Losing a fur-baby isn't easy. Your heart feels shattered and it feels like someone punched you in the stomach. People say, "Oh you gave her the best 9 years." NO she gave US the best 9 years. 

And as we sat together crying and hugging at the hospital around Reeses, I told daughter, "Thank you, thank you, thank you for rescuing her that day at the doctors office and bringing her home."

The first picture & the last picture,
with her daddy.


Wednesday, October 9

Dreaming of Christmas . . .

It's not to early is it?
*Jingle bells, Jingle bells*

Homemade peppermint mocha

Made w/ 
a shot of espresso (0 cal)
almond milk (30 cal)
Light hersheys syrup (45 cal)
 Fat Free Whipped Cream (10 cal)
Sprinkles! Cause everything is better with sprinkles. 
Total - less than 100 calories


Sunday, October 6

Individual Gingerbread Trifles

All I can say...
Totally making this again. :-)

I wish I had a better pic to share.
These were them, packed up & ready to go.

Makes 12 Individual 8 oz. glasses
OR you could put it all in a Trifle Bowl

Bottom Layer:
2 pkgs Jello brand seasonal 
Pumpkin Pudding
(prepared as directed)

2nd Layer:
Gingerbread, cut into bite size chunks
I used this recipe ---> click HERE

3rd Layer: 
1 8oz Cream Cheese
beaten until fluffy
add in 1 carton Cool Whip
& 1 tsp. Vanilla
Real Whipped Cream w/ a little sweetener

4th Layer:
Cool Whip
Sweetened prepared Whipped Cream

Sprinkle crushed gingersnap cookies on top

Refrigerate overnight or at least for 4 hours


Halloween Sneak Peek!

Hubby does not like cute decorations outdoors.
That's HIS domain.


Saturday, October 5

Nothing like old friends . . .

From Patti's Dinner Party . . .
I am so completely comfortable
with these peeps.
I can say anything, do anything
and feel right at home.
We have been through it all.
Religion, Marriages, Divorces, Deaths,
Fights, Food, Laughter & Love.
&&& having our dear sweet Kauffman
in the mix makes everything just perfect.
Like Mary Poppins would say, 
"Practically perfect in every way." :-)


Tuesday, October 1

Gardein Stuffed Turk'y Review

Most of you know already
that we are Pescatarians
(fish eating vegetarians.)

So when we see a new faux "meat"
product and it looks good we like to try it.

We saw these at Target
last weekend and it said NEW!
New for Target anyway. ;-P

Guess what we had for dinner? :-)

So what did we think???

It tasted exactly like Turkey w/ a yummy
stuffing w/ bits of cranberries
and the gravy was really good
(and plenty to cover my baked potato)
and it is only 280 calories!
Wha - Wha- What?
How is it possible?
I do NOT know...
but I will say this...
Yeah Buddy! :-)