Tuesday, October 22

Fav Scary Movie List

9 days until Halloween
it's time to pop the popcorn and watch
some scary movies :-)

My favorite Halloween list of Scary movies
(some aren't as scary, but favorites for the season)

(It's the music & Jamie Lee Curtis)
(When the chairs are stacked
on the table I freak every time!)
(Aww & sets the tone for the holiday season)
4. Scream
(The 1st one.)
(Hitchcock at his finest)
(I swear every time I watch it
I see something new & different)
(I know its more of a summer movie
but it's a fav-fav-favorite!)
(It's soooo funny)
(I know, I know it's not scary
but the music is sooooo good.)
10. The best for last!!!
(Come on! Best movie ever!
Abby someone
Abby Normal - haha)

Hubby's list:
1 & Only - The Evil Dead
He loves it!
I hate it and refuse to see it ever again!!!
Too scary for me :-( :-( :-(
I hate cellars, hate basements... just no! :-O

Apple & BooBoo's favorite scary movie is
:::insert drum roll:::
Because really who doesn't want to
bark at the screen?



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