Friday, October 25

Halloween Gingerbread House

I always get extra gingerbread kits at Christmas time. Especially when they are marked down after the holidays. You can pick them up really cheap, for just a few bucks. All I want is the house pieces, I throw the frosting and candy away. And make my own frosting and buy fresh candy. Besides there is never enough frosting or candy in those kits. ANYWAY . . .

I made the frosting, a black, purple and orange... and daughter created this. :-D Yea she is in her 20's and I am in my 40's but we LOVE it and aren't we all just big kids? :-D

I sat and supervised and ate way too many building supplies. ;-) 
Okay, okay, I made the bloody peep heads on sticks (pretzel sticks.) haha

Apple, the assistant supervisor
but I think she was just hoping 
for treats being dropped on the floor.

The best part!
The spider!
It's really a gingerbread man
covered in black frosting.
Black licorice  cut in half make the legs.

Creepy little cabin entrance.
Dare to Enter?

My mom already called dibs to take
it home Halloween night after the party
to nibble on it. :-D


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