Thursday, October 31

~ Happy Halloween ~

What a great surprise!
Happy Halloween to me!
I got a "new to me" bag!
The Lumineuse PM in Orient
It is buttery soft and soooo pretty
and perfect for this rainy area.
And as you can see...
no costume for me tonight.
I told hubby,
"I am scary enough just being me."
He said,
"You got that right." LOL :-D

My precious baby taking a little nap
so she can party hearty tonight!

Getting the cookies ready . . .

Apple isn't scared... she knows that's just her daddy.

"What big toofies you have."

Part 1 - Outside

Part 2 - Outside

My mom is soooo cute,
she came as a witch from
American Horror Story Coven.

Holidays to me
are about
good friends & good food. :-)

We are already thinking 
about next years party. ;-)


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