Friday, October 18

My Friday . . .

My Friday morning . . .
       . . . consisted of Laundry, Vaccuming, Mopping, Laundry, A little scrapbooking, Puttering, Hot tea, Rosemary and Thyme on netflix, and hubby coming home early saying . . .
              "Get your stuff together, we're going to Seattle to get your dachshund mug and eat at St. Dames." To which I said, "Nooooooooo." But he didn't take no for answer. He said, "But I have it all planned out." How could I say no to that? (I adore him, I really do.) 

1st stop
Post Office
to mail bills,
where they had

2nd stop
They have a really nice
selection of Emma Bridgewater.

Aww my little {{{Reeses}}}
I miss her. :-(

3rd stop
Where our daughter met us at

I love sweets,
so while hubby and daughter 
ordered their meals
I said, what desserts do you have?
And after not hearing what I wanted
I said,
"Any bread pudding left from this morning?" :-D
And he said, "YES its rum raisin w/ almond."

It was even better than the blueberry almond
one I had last visit.
They have THE best I have ever tasted.
(I am not sure what bar-none
means but my dad always said it,
so I say it. It means like...
No Joke or
Serious as a heart attack)

This also looked good . . .
Bruschetta with Brie, Pear Chutney
and a Balsamic reduction
So I got that too... :-)

Hubby ordered an eggplant parmesan
and daughter ordered a beet & potato latke

I love this restaurant
but I am in it for the bread pudding. :-)

What a great TGIF! 

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