Saturday, October 12

Our fur-baby, Reeses

In October 2004, while going w/ our daughter to the doctors we saw puppies in the street. The doctor told us his neighbor had a lot of animals, animal control was always over there taking animals away and he and the other neighbors even got money together to spay and neuter her animals to help her out and she completely refused. He said the puppies were from a recent litter and eventually animal control will show up per usual. Anyway . . . when we left the doctors office we noticed each puppy looked completely different, the little dachshund puppy caught our eye. The mother dog was a Benji (Disney movie) looking dog. A younger girl was in the yard and we talked to her a bit about all the animals (there were animals everywhere) and we left. Well daughter was new at driving and she got lost because the whole time in the car she is going on and on about the puppies in the street and we should take the dachshund looking one. And I am like, "No!" So when we found ourselves back by the doctors because daughter got lost, I was like, "OKAY but only until we find it a good home." 

Ya right.... she never left. :-) 

The next day after bringing her home she started vomiting and this worm the size of 12 inches was on the floor! I gasped! I had never ever seen anything like it. It was white and disgusting! We rushed the pup to the vet to which he said and I quote, "I have never seen a puppy so full of worms!" She had every type of worm (except heartworms) inside of her. She got started on shots and de-wormed!

When she was spayed, she got an infection from the incision and swelled up and the stitches all got pulled out from the expansion of the infected skin. It was terrible. :-(

Then she got a skin disease. For several years she had to get bi-monthly cortisone shots. It got 80% under control when we put her on an organic dog food.

She was a wonderful dog. She minded extremely well. Would walk next to us not even needing a leash and wouldn't run off. We have fostered many dogs and the seniors like blind jody would be in the backyard and all I had to say to Reeses was, "Go get Jody." And she would. She could guide a dog back to the house. She was amazing. Always wagging her tail, happy to lick anyone that walked in the door. If you didn't like dogs, don't come to my house because Reeses would jump up next to visitors and lick them right in the face! And she could pick up on the non-dog lovers because thats who she would lick on the most! 

She died today. It was all very sudden. Yesterday morning I woke up to her coughing. Not a normal cough but a cough like trying to get something up. She coughed all day long. And her breathing seemed labored. Hubby took off work early and took her to the vet and they said, "Oh she's fine, its just an infection. Here is cough medicine and an antibiotic." Well as soon as she got home from the vet, she collapsed on the floor, went catatonic and lost her bowels. She was barely breathing. I was frantic! Hubby called the vet and they said, "It must be an allergic reaction to one of the medicines." So they put in an IV and gave her an antihistamine and something to get her heart rate up because it was very low. They said, "There was nothing more they could do" and sent hubby out the door to an animal hospital.

The animal hospital ran a lot of tests, xrays, etc... they said they didn't think it was an allergic reaction but just all coincidental. She had an enlarged heart and fluid around the heart. They would keep her overnight to watch her and we could pick her up the next morning.

This morning, I said, "Lets go get Reeses!" 
And hubby said, "Um.... the hospital called. They won't be releasing her and have sent for a cardiologist."
I am like, "WHAT??????"

Now.... lets take this back a bit. We have been through losing animals before. Vets that dangle the.... oh they will be fine carrot, milking you out of thousands of dollars and your animal dies anyway.

So I am RED HOT mad. I said to hubby, "I knew yesterday her cough sounded like the cough of fluid and we saw her almost die right in front of us and now a cardiologist? How HIGH are you going to let this go (meaning money) until you are told she isn't going to make it?!?!?!"

An hour later the hospital called again saying, the risk of heart surgery was a bad one and hubby said, "She needs to be put to sleep." And they said, "YOU made the right decision." 

Meanwhile.... our poor dog is scared, can't sleep and miserable all night at an animal hospital.

When we got to the hospital an hour after that, Reeses was up walking around and seemed completely fine (I thought.) I am like, "Why can't she come home?" But it was explained how fast she kept filling up with fluid and any excitement would cause a collapse like the one we witnessed the night before and if the other vet hadn't have given something to raise her heart rate she would have died within 30 minutes of the collapse the night before.

Hubby, daughter and I petted on her, loved on her, talked to her and was with her until she passed over. This is hard. Losing a fur-baby isn't easy. Your heart feels shattered and it feels like someone punched you in the stomach. People say, "Oh you gave her the best 9 years." NO she gave US the best 9 years. 

And as we sat together crying and hugging at the hospital around Reeses, I told daughter, "Thank you, thank you, thank you for rescuing her that day at the doctors office and bringing her home."

The first picture & the last picture,
with her daddy.



  1. Jackie, I am so sorry for your loss...I know how hard it is to lose a fur-baby. 💔