Saturday, November 30

Christmas Jelly

This is my 3rd blog, so for my old readers, 
I am sure I have talked about this before... LOL! Cause I love it . . .

Susan Branch's Christmas Jelly

You take leftover cranberry sauce

and mix with equal parts of marmalade.
I did about ¾ cup each.

and voila!
Christmas Jelly ;-)

I didn't have any left over cranberry sauce.
I left it all at my moms.
So I made more this morning.
I love it.

Now all I need is some toast.


Thursday, November 28

Thanksgiving 2013

The Thanksgiving "faux" Fur
made it's yearly appearance. :-)

Apps! :-)
I love how we all gather around
the food. hehe

 This was my plate!
Yes! I had all 4 types of pies.
Chocolate Chip
& Pumpkin
I even finished hubby's pies
and I wanted another plate.
But I refrained myself. :-O

It's picture time!!! 


Texas Cranberry Chutney

Someone posted this on Facebook, I can't remember who... but I knew it looked like a new appetizer I wanted to try. And YUM!!!!! I doubled the recipe so I had extra and gave some away so others could included in their dinners. Ted's sister LOVED it. The original recipe showed you could have it as an appetizer over cream cheese OR with pork. Well, we don't eat pork. :-/

I am saving it and making it again and again and again. My little Kauffman whom loves the Harry & David jarred stuff that you mix w/ cream cheese said, this is better than that. I was like, NO WAY. He said, yes. We ate the whole thing. It was gone!

For Amber, I put it over tofutti cream cheese and got gluten free crackers. She loved it too. And it's hard to please that girl. mmHmm

Anyway . . . without further ado the recipe:

Texas Cranberry Chutney

16 oz can WHOLE cranberry sauce
16 oz can CRUSHED pineapple, drained completely
¼ cup brown sugar
1/ tsp ground ginger
¼ tsp salt

Combine in sauce pan. Heat to boiling.
Then Simmer for 5 minutes.
Remove from heat and stir in:

2 minced & seeded jalapeƱos
3 green onions, chopped

Keep in fridge until serving.
Pour over cream cheese or
TOFUTTI cream cheese ;-)
and serve with crackers.


I am thinking for Halloween,
I want to serve this and call it
blood clot dip.
Ewwwwwww :-D


Tuesday, November 26

Susan Branch's Cranberry Sauce

Normally I boil my cranberries on the stove in water, add sugar, orange juice & cinnamon. Then sometimes I leave it chunky OR sometimes I strain it through a strainer and make it smooth.

But when I saw Susan Branch's recipe of baking it, 
I knew I wanted to try it! 
& Yum Yum Yum
It is soooo good.
(Of course I had to taste test it)
I will make it this way from now on. ;-)

Do you cook ahead like me or 
make everything on Thanksgiving?


Tuesday, November 19

Hot Chocolate Hot Tub for Two

When I first tried the candy cane PEEPS 
with a bottom of chocolate, I was like YUM!
Then in a Sandra Lee magazine advertisement 
today, it showed they could float in hot chocolate.

Sooooo I knew what I was having after dinner. ;-)
Yum! ~ Tasty little things.
I am going to go buy some more.

It is almost evil though,
how cute they are and then to eat them. :-O


Sunday, November 17

Classic. Beautiful. Timeless.


Alice & Olivia at Starbucks

I have been stuck in the house
for 9 days now.
N-I-N-E loooooooong days
with this cold/flu thing. Ugh!
It's enough to drive one CRAZY
&&& I get pretty depressed about it.

(Starbucks shared this pic on their FB page
... and I am so drooling over that houndstooth bag on the table.)

I spend a lot of time on Instagram
and I was oohing and aahing
over the Alice & Olivia Starbucks items.
So when hubby went to go pick up 
soup fixin's at the store
he came home with Alice & Olivia
of my very own. Aww :-D

(while supplies last)


Friday, November 15

Teddy warning his little old bones. . .

"Teddy, warming by an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at his nose
Yuletide carols...." well almost anyway.
Christmas Season is fast approaching
and both Teddy the chihuahua
and I love a fire in the fireplace. :-)


Thursday, November 14

Louis Vuitton - Paris
Christmas Window Display
(Pic from the Trunks iTunes app)



cough cough

I'm sick :-(
It's a good old fashioned
pajama day.

Nick & Nora
from Target.


Saturday, November 9

Sooooo cute!

Run! Don't walk to Target
for these darling little winter birds. :-)
Only $5.00 each.
In the Christmas Department.
So adorable.

They also have smaller ones wearing
scarves that are ornaments with a hanging
string. But they also can stand, so you could
snip off the string, then combine
with these bigger ones
for a cute little family grouping.

I first saw these the other day w/ my mom
and I couldn't stop thinking about them.
I am so glad my Target had them.
I am a sucker for a cute little bird decoration. :-)

These would be cute on your
Thanksgiving table w/ place cards.


Monday, November 4

10 Things I love

(November 2013 edition ~ from instagram)

1. Faith, Prayer, Church
without I would be lost

2. Hubby, Family & Friends

3. Fur-babies

4. Memories

5. Louis Vuitton

6. Techy stuff - iPad, etc. . .

7. Chocolate & Sweets

8. Hot Tea
yes! even more than starbucks

9. Movies & Popcorn

10. Emma Bridgewater Pottery


Sunday, November 3

Oh St Dames . . .

. . . How I adore you.

Brandy, Figs & Walnut
Bread Pudding

Yes! The figs were soaked in brandy! 
was it AMAZING!

This is my 3rd visit
(Seattle - Martin Luther King Way)
and I was reading the menu
further and they make all bread
in house. So no wonder they
make THE best bread pudding.
The base IS homemade bread.

I have now started carrying their
phone number in my cell
so that I can call and see if they
have bread pudding before I stop in.

That IS my meal.
It's so filling & hearty. Mmm


Friday, November 1

November 1st!

I just can't believe it!
It's November.
I adore November.
The excitement of Christmas
is right around the corner.
The fall leaves,
the chilling weather,
feeling thankful
and knowing that the countdown
is on for Thanksgiving dinner.

November 1st is also the
start of the red cups at Starbucks!
And PEPPERMINT everything!
I am all about peppermint during
the holidays. Mmm
So today's drink
was a soy peppermint mocha
w/ no whip.
(I never get whip, that's where all the
calories are.)

"His & Hers"

November 1st is also
50% off at the Halloween Superstores.
I had my eye on this baby
weeks ago.
And it was still there for half off!
She sings a little song
while the knife is moving back and forth
behind her back.
She is creeeeeeepy good.
&&& Hubby picked up some more
severed heads.

Then we went to a Christmas Fair
in Issaquah but it wasn't that great.
Didn't buy a thing.
And today is serious DIET day!
I was out of control last night! Eek!