Friday, November 1

November 1st!

I just can't believe it!
It's November.
I adore November.
The excitement of Christmas
is right around the corner.
The fall leaves,
the chilling weather,
feeling thankful
and knowing that the countdown
is on for Thanksgiving dinner.

November 1st is also the
start of the red cups at Starbucks!
And PEPPERMINT everything!
I am all about peppermint during
the holidays. Mmm
So today's drink
was a soy peppermint mocha
w/ no whip.
(I never get whip, that's where all the
calories are.)

"His & Hers"

November 1st is also
50% off at the Halloween Superstores.
I had my eye on this baby
weeks ago.
And it was still there for half off!
She sings a little song
while the knife is moving back and forth
behind her back.
She is creeeeeeepy good.
&&& Hubby picked up some more
severed heads.

Then we went to a Christmas Fair
in Issaquah but it wasn't that great.
Didn't buy a thing.
And today is serious DIET day!
I was out of control last night! Eek!


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