Thursday, December 26

Christmas time in the city . . .

. . . okay really it's Christmas time in the suburbs (but there isn't a Christmas line that says that.) And comes complete w/ family drama! Ack! Is it really ever a family holiday without drama? I wonder if my life would even exist without drama? 

Hmm . . . I'm trying to daydream what that would be like. 

Hold on.                                                    Nope. I can't picture it.

Yes, it's always between me & her, my wonderful daughter
We are sooooooo much alike! Quick tempered!

ANYWAY . . . all in all the day was wonderful AFTER the drama was out of the way. Open communication is the key to everything and if I can't express myself I go mute. I won't utter a single word but shoot daggers at you w/ my eyes or even worse not even look at you and pretend your invisible. Am I child? mmHmm pretty much. A 47 year old adult spoiled child.

Our party even had out in the open SEX on Christmas day. How scandalous! Apple (new nickname of HEF) took her new Peanuts dolls to places they never thought they would go. She humped them pretty much all day, and when she wasn't humping her dolls she was hoping for a treat. Just a little nibble to fall onto the floor.

We ate and ate and ate some more. Our appetizer was bruschetta (chopped tomatoes, chopped olives, fresh basil, garlic and virgin olive oil on crunchy bread (regular and a gluten free.)) We had our traditional Christmas day Lasagna's (one gluten free vegan & one vegetarian. ~ Gluten free vegan is so easy to do, you just buy rice lasagna noodles and you can either make a recipe for a tofu ricotta OR buy a carton of tofutti ricotta and use Daiya mozzarella shreds & if you want it even more cheesy add a layer of nutritional yeast.) And we had a mixed green salad w/ fresh snipped basil. And lots of yummy french bread. And gluten free too. We have a nice gluten free bakery close by that has a vegan french bread that our daughter loves. 

And if that wasn't enough to fill our tummies, the sweets arrived! We had sweet & sara peppermint mallow bark, a pumpkin vegan pie w/ a gluten free gingersnap crust, a cherry cheesecake, rum cake, pecan pie & homemade decorated sugar cookies. The last 3 things my mom brought. Mmm-Mmm-Mmm

Some of us had beer, some of us water, some of us chocolate martinis, some of us champagne, some of us orange juice & champagne, some of us hot tea & some of us fizzy soda. Variety is the spice of life. ;-)

We exchanged prezzies!!!!! The theme this year for me was MAKE-UP! ;-) I got even more make-up on Christmas day. I didn't mind, I loveeeeeeeeeee beauty supplies. I have loved make-up since before I could even wear it. ;-)

I wanted a fire going all day. Then the Kauffman informed me that our county was under a burn ban starting at 5pm. Oopsies! Thank goodness we didn't get fined last night. It would have been a few hundred dollars. They are strict about that in the Pacific NW unless it's your only form of heat. Then of course burn away. I asked the kids if I could take a few pictures and the only ones I could get of my mom was with her face in her iPad. Addicted much? Her new years resolution should be less iPad and more people!!! HAHA She is such a teenager.

Everyone went home, hubby went to bed, I started cleaning up and thought HEY why not? And started packing away Christmas decorations. And now today, the 26th I feel anxious to put it all way even though some should stay up until New Years.

And today is back on low calorie dieting. I have the last 2 days of food-gasm to get off and out of my body!


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