Friday, December 13

December/Seasonal Tidbits

How darling is this Robin wearing a pink scarf? :-D
I adore her!!!!
She came all the way from the UK!
I bought one for me and one for mom.
If you want one too:

Starbucks has their seasonal
Cranberry Bliss Bars
40% off right now!
The Barista told me they freeze well.
Just take out a day before serving.
I put extra *Cling around my box
and put it in the freezer right when I got home.
I will take it out on the 23rd
with plenty of time for
my 2 day FoodGasm event
oops I mean Christmas.

I personally think you 
need to slow down and stop
and take a breath during the mad holiday rush.
We are in fishy heaven
at a restaurant near us.
They serve the best fish & chips!
Look at those portions!
I don't even want to calculate
the calories. I just want to enjoy.
Pass the malt vinegar please.
Fa - La - La - La
La - La - La

This carmel apple
is coated with a topping called,
Apple Pie
and it taste just like a carmel apple pie!
We had bought this at 
Victorian Country Christmas
and put it in the fridge for an evening 
when we needed a treat.
I am totally going to buy this again.
They have a website:

Yoplait came out with
seasonal yogurts.
I always find these treats at Target.
My local grocery doesn't carry them,
like ever.
The 2 new flavors are:
Peppermint Bark - 110 cal
Mocha Mint - 90 cal
I picked up Peppermint Bark.
My review:
Um . . .
it's just white.
It taste kind of pepperminty
but barely.
It just tasted like a thick cold custard.
Not buying again.
Calories are precious to me,
so I want something really yummy.
I would rather eat a low sugar instant
oatmeal for 120 cal.
Or an egg for 70.

Tis the Season

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