Monday, December 30

New Years Resolutions

Some of these will seem silly but, 
I am determined to at least attempt . . . ;-)

1. Buy/Try/Taste Nutella - the hazelnut spread everyone seems to be gaga over.

2. Give more $$$ to Animal Rescues through out the year. Without these rescues we would have more animals put down on a daily basis. And where would the rehabilitation take place?

3. Let go of Bandit's California King Cage. :-( Why are we still holding on to it? We aren't getting another Macaw, I doubt one will just fall into our laps and it's depressing seeing it in the garage every day. :-(

4. Eat less sugar!!!! 

5. Get off my butt-inski and walk more! Exercise! Move! Move! Move!

6. Less Internet. O.M.G! there I said it.

7. Read more.

8. Get back into crocheting.

9. Turn Amber's old room which is not a storage room into a beautiful walk-in closet complete with a little chandelier. (a girl can dream can't she?)

10. Spend less money. Gulp. I don't need everything.


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