Saturday, December 7

Rice Krispie Treats

Not really my favorite, but hubby loves him and he has been feeling poorly this week so last night at the store I tried finding the holiday rice krispie boxes but they didn't have any. Hmm... and the recipe wasn't on the box anymore. Another hmm... but thank goodness for the package of mini marshmallows, they still had the recipe on the bag and I added Christmas sprinkles to make it festive. Hubby was overjoyed and it was quite funny because as I was spreading it in the pan, he said, "Is that it? All you did was heat the marshmallows in the microwave?" I'm like, "Ya.... don't you remember the commercial on tv where the wife would splash flour on her face and pretend she had been slaving away in the kitchen making them?" He replied with, "Well I knew they were easy but I didn't think they were that easy." - LOL!!! Husbands, aren't they the cutest?

I guess he liked them! :-)
This was the pan the next morning,
not only did he have them last night
but this morning for breakfast too. hehe :-)


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