Thursday, December 11

~ The Christmas Tag ~

~ The Christmas Tag ~
(w/ a pic of my cute new little Pochette
very Christmas appropriate, I must say.)

1. What's your Favorite Holiday Movie?
So, so so very many.
I can't just pick one. The top 3:
~ The Santa Clause 
~ The Holiday

2. What's your favorite Christmas color?
It's not red, it's glittery SILVER :-D
I know shocker, right?

3. Do you like to stay in your pajamas or dress up for Christmas?
Dress up! But I do like a new pair of jammies. ;-)

4. If you could ONLY buy 1 present for just 1 person,
whom would it be?
My daughter, always.
This year she wants money for a new dining table.

5. Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
One on Christmas Eve, the rest on Christmas morning.

6. Have you ever built a Gingerbread House?
Yes, but now as I am older, I prefer to buy the ingredients and supervise. HAHA

7. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
Well considering I am always on a break, HAHA
My favorite thing... is driving around at night and looking
at Christmas decorations/lights in neighborhoods.

8. Any Christmas Wishes?
Yes, that these thieves that have stolen my husbands identity
have remorse for what they have done and turn themselves in
or that they are caught so we can have a sense of some relief.

9. Favorite Christmas Smell?
Chocolate Peppermint

10. Favorite Christmas Meal or Treat?
I love our traditional Christmas day Lasagna
but I have such a sweet tooth
that I love all the yummy Christmas treats.
Especially Christmas bark.


Wednesday, October 29

Pumpkins!!! :-D

Hubby likes to carve his, but I like to draw on mine...
no mess & they last longer and my favorite pumpkins
are (the white) GHOST pumpkins.... ;-)


Saturday, October 25

My new iPhone 6 cover

I bought this from PinkCaseNY on Etsy. ;-)
Sooooo cute.
I had been searching and searching for a cute case.
And when I saw this one, I knew it was meant just for me.


Monday, September 1


The rumor was in fact correct!
The new Halloween 2014 
Emma Bridgewater Mug 
is now listed on the website! ;-)

I am sooooo excited!!!
I have already ordered 2.
One for me, and one for a dear friend. ;-)


Sunday, August 17

Rumored 2014 Emma Bridgewater Halloween 2014 Mug

Could this possible be the new Emma Bridgewater Halloween Mug for 2014? :-D
I hope it is, but I am having trouble getting confirmation.
This was glimpsed on pinterest
and well, I don't trust pinterest unless it links back to original poster that
says whether they saw it at the factory or . . .


Saturday, August 16

Saturday = Fun Day aka Cheat Day

 ~ Epi Soufflot ~

It was a day of shopping, eating & movies & more eating.
I am always at my thinnest on Saturday mornings
and at my fattest on Sunday mornings, but it is so worth it.
I love my fun days out with my BFF: ol' hubby dear. ;-)

A Godiva Breakfast
Swirl Cones

It was a party until we both ended up w/ chocolate
all dripping down our hands and all over my white capris.
So into the bathrooms to clean up.
I came out looking like I entered a wet pant contest but they dried fairly quickly.

Shopping at the mall is kind of stressful
especially on a Saturday,
kids everywhere running in front of you.
Coffee was needed stat!

Good ol' Tully's.
I always get a plain latte that I top w/ cinnamon

More shopping,
then after taking packages to the car
we hit the bar!

Hubby always says,
"What's on tap?"
And I always say,
"A bud light w/ a lime please." ;-)

Then we went in to see The Expendables 3
If you follow the movies
It's Sylvester Stallone and with every movie
our fav action stars from the past.
I am still waiting to see Steven Segal,
maybe he will appear in #4, if there is a #4.
We love this franchise . . .

And I love popcorn! Mmm
Thank goodness all these treats are shared.

More shopping afterwards
and then hubby was ready for dinner! :-O
I know, that's what I said. --> " :-O "
He said, "It's cheat day!"
Right it is!

where we shared Orange Shrimp
(It is not on the menu, you ask to exchange 
for shrimp when ordering orange chicken)
and shared
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cheesecake

Oh YES! This is now my most favorite
cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory!!! Mmm
Hubby still says, Red Velvet is better.
No Way! This is A-MAZ-ING!

It was a wonderful day. :-D
Tomorrow will be back on the ol' diet.
My counting calories is for LIFE!
But gotta love those cheat days. :-D


Thursday, February 13

It all started with a pair of boots . . .

A couple years ago I bought my daughter these rain boots . . .

Made of rubber, but after wearing them a few times
a friend of hers made comments about the brand
and the use of fur.
Sooooo daughter didn't want them anymore.
So they sat in my closet for a very, very, very long time.

Finally I sold them.
& a few Juicy Couture bags.
That money was just sitting in paypal.

So then I bought this bag:

The Totally PM, preloved of course.

But . . . after using it a few times
I decided I really didn't like this style.

So then I sold it.
And the money again was just sitting in paypal
driving me c-r-a-z-y.

So then I saw THE ONE.
A pink beauty meant just for me.
So I added some cash and with that original 
boot money bought this:

Happy Valentine's to Me! :-D
A preloved Perforated Fuchsia Speedy
whom is just sooooo charming.

My pink handbag organizer works perfectly.
You can see even more pink.

I love her.


Sunday, January 26

Another St. Dames Visit . . .

Azur Neverfull mm w/ Betsey Johnson Bulldog Charm

New hymnals

After a fabulous morning at church w/ new dedicated hymnals, we met our daughter at our favorite veggie breakfast place! St Dames in Seattle on Martin Luther King Way. I have mentioned this place numerous times before. It's a winner! But not like how Charlie Sheen says, WINNING. It really is a winner! ;-)

Everytime I have gone, the vegan bread pudding is flavored differently and today it was: 'Banana Macadamia Nut & Rum' - Oh yes! WOW! It tasted like a right out of the oven moist banana bread slathered in butter. Mmm

 Restaurant decorations, hehe


Thursday, January 9

She's Doing Stuff ;-)

Remember the days of the console TV? 
Not these slim flat TV's of today.
Well we had an armoire for our old gigantic tv. 
Since the days of that TV, 
the armoire stayed and became 
kind of a junk holder
in that big ol' open space. 
I stacked baskets full of dog stuff in it mostly.

In 2014 I plan on transforming daughter's
 old room from what it is right now
a storage room, into a beautiful walk-in closet,
 but until then I needed more room
for my un-healthy bag obsession. 
But don't get it twisted . . .
It's an addiction I do not want to be cured of! ;-)

My existing bag closet was becoming
a clustered mess, bags on top of each other.
I didn't want what Waffle House calls
Smothered & Covered. hehe

Anyway . . . I asked hubby to add a shelf 
in the middle and add a wood back.
And I thought. . . hmm... paint the back? Fabric the back?
Well it's kind of temporary . . . so I did this . . . 
I mean what else was I saving these bags for?

The armoire has doors that close completely
in the front, so the bags will be kept
dust free.

Working on it . . .

The wooden shelf has a black sheet wrapped
and adhered using a staple gun.
(Remember it's all temporary)
Filling it up . . .

Who got to go in bag armoire,
and who got left behind.
Aww. . . .

A girl on instagram asked me
why did I choose the bags I did for the armoire?
And I never have answered her yet.
But it it was mostly a seasonal reason.

Now I am really excited to start on the closet! :-D