Thursday, January 9

She's Doing Stuff ;-)

Remember the days of the console TV? 
Not these slim flat TV's of today.
Well we had an armoire for our old gigantic tv. 
Since the days of that TV, 
the armoire stayed and became 
kind of a junk holder
in that big ol' open space. 
I stacked baskets full of dog stuff in it mostly.

In 2014 I plan on transforming daughter's
 old room from what it is right now
a storage room, into a beautiful walk-in closet,
 but until then I needed more room
for my un-healthy bag obsession. 
But don't get it twisted . . .
It's an addiction I do not want to be cured of! ;-)

My existing bag closet was becoming
a clustered mess, bags on top of each other.
I didn't want what Waffle House calls
Smothered & Covered. hehe

Anyway . . . I asked hubby to add a shelf 
in the middle and add a wood back.
And I thought. . . hmm... paint the back? Fabric the back?
Well it's kind of temporary . . . so I did this . . . 
I mean what else was I saving these bags for?

The armoire has doors that close completely
in the front, so the bags will be kept
dust free.

Working on it . . .

The wooden shelf has a black sheet wrapped
and adhered using a staple gun.
(Remember it's all temporary)
Filling it up . . .

Who got to go in bag armoire,
and who got left behind.
Aww. . . .

A girl on instagram asked me
why did I choose the bags I did for the armoire?
And I never have answered her yet.
But it it was mostly a seasonal reason.

Now I am really excited to start on the closet! :-D


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