Thursday, February 13

It all started with a pair of boots . . .

A couple years ago I bought my daughter these rain boots . . .

Made of rubber, but after wearing them a few times
a friend of hers made comments about the brand
and the use of fur.
Sooooo daughter didn't want them anymore.
So they sat in my closet for a very, very, very long time.

Finally I sold them.
& a few Juicy Couture bags.
That money was just sitting in paypal.

So then I bought this bag:

The Totally PM, preloved of course.

But . . . after using it a few times
I decided I really didn't like this style.

So then I sold it.
And the money again was just sitting in paypal
driving me c-r-a-z-y.

So then I saw THE ONE.
A pink beauty meant just for me.
So I added some cash and with that original 
boot money bought this:

Happy Valentine's to Me! :-D
A preloved Perforated Fuchsia Speedy
whom is just sooooo charming.

My pink handbag organizer works perfectly.
You can see even more pink.

I love her.


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