Thursday, December 11

~ The Christmas Tag ~

~ The Christmas Tag ~
(w/ a pic of my cute new little Pochette
very Christmas appropriate, I must say.)

1. What's your Favorite Holiday Movie?
So, so so very many.
I can't just pick one. The top 3:
~ The Santa Clause 
~ The Holiday

2. What's your favorite Christmas color?
It's not red, it's glittery SILVER :-D
I know shocker, right?

3. Do you like to stay in your pajamas or dress up for Christmas?
Dress up! But I do like a new pair of jammies. ;-)

4. If you could ONLY buy 1 present for just 1 person,
whom would it be?
My daughter, always.
This year she wants money for a new dining table.

5. Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
One on Christmas Eve, the rest on Christmas morning.

6. Have you ever built a Gingerbread House?
Yes, but now as I am older, I prefer to buy the ingredients and supervise. HAHA

7. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
Well considering I am always on a break, HAHA
My favorite thing... is driving around at night and looking
at Christmas decorations/lights in neighborhoods.

8. Any Christmas Wishes?
Yes, that these thieves that have stolen my husbands identity
have remorse for what they have done and turn themselves in
or that they are caught so we can have a sense of some relief.

9. Favorite Christmas Smell?
Chocolate Peppermint

10. Favorite Christmas Meal or Treat?
I love our traditional Christmas day Lasagna
but I have such a sweet tooth
that I love all the yummy Christmas treats.
Especially Christmas bark.


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